See my works below. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all their back-end and front-end parts were completely done by me.

  • Lemhaf
    The first Tunisian services sharing online platform
    => Running !

    Created a full-stack web platform, to allow users find out services they need and to allow service providers to connect with the community

    • Designed, and implemented a scalable and distributed architecture for a cross-platform online sharing website.
    • Implemented a responsive front-end UI (ReactJS, Ant Design, Material Design).
    • Deployed a back-end server (NodeJS, ExpressJs), connected with a non relational database (MongoDB).
    • Used a distributed storage cloud solution to host media files.
    • Implement an authentication and authorization component with email verification.
    • Results: Actually Running, with (860 users, and 1540 shared services).
    • Actually working on adding a service recommendation engine based on services rating and user previous activity.
  • EagleEye
    Side project
    => Live Demo

    Designed and implemented a real time solution for reputation tracking and monitoring on (Twitter)

    • Designed and implemented a microservices solution.
    • Implemented some back-end microservices using (Spring Cloud).
    • Implemented sentiment analysis microservices and stream processing modules (python).
    • Used Kafka as a message broker to handle stream processing between the different running containers.
    • Used Elasticsearch as a search-engine to save the streams processing results for a realtime dashboard monitoring.
    • Results: Deployed the platform on an AWS EC2 instance and tested it 3h before Tunisian Presidential Election results announcements to get a comparison of the reputation of the two candidates near the real results.
  • Meetia
    End of year project

    Automated Meeting Minutes Generation System

    • A semiautomatically generation of the minutes of a meeting using different AI techniques